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    I am in possession of the domain name, It is a one year subscription through Registerfly, due to register sometime near September.

    This domain was going to be used as a fansite for Sonys upcoming product, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) Handheld videogame device.

    As you can see, this domain is perfect for its targeted market.

    This is a valuable domain, so please make me a good offer. (Must be reasonable)
    -Marty McKenna

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    how much is reasonable

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    Ive had a few offers in the past that i turned down, ($1500-$3700) but Ive been told now that the PSPHandhelds release date is closer this domain may fetch more money.
    -Marty McKenna

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    If I were you, I would start workin on a site. Develope it some. Put some ads up or whatever. Get good content. And then sell it. It'll be worth twice as much.

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