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    Biggest newbie question of all time.

    OK, I have registered a domain name. I have a business ISP provider with a static IP.

    Now, how do I get my own mail server, web server, and message board server on the internet.

    I'm currently using 2 Windows 2K servers to provide an internal web space and vbulletin message board for internal use but I its not a very serious endeavor and functions in its wholly unsecure way.

    My servers are not currently on a domain or active directory, when I want to setup my do I have to use active directory and will I have to dedicate a server to server as a domain controller and another as a DNS?

    Also, should the listing of my domain name point to my DNS?

    Complete newbie, offer help or flame away, either way its entertaining.

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    I suggest you get normal hosting instead of hosting on your computer. That way your website will be secure and everyone will be able to access it very fast. And it will be much cheaper for you.

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    Yeah, but you don't learn anything doing it that way.

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    Setup test web server on your computer and use it to develop your website, but keep real website on real host.

    This is installation instruction for apache/php/mysql on win32:

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    since you use windows, download mailenable (free version), it works perfectly for a mail server.

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    the biggest newbie question would be what the heck is web hosting????

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    if you wish to learn, I suugest do not mix it with public sites.. While you are learning, you can annoy your users.
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    Maybe you can learn things with smaller endevours?
    New site:

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    I have no problem getting a website and message board up, but I have no knowledge of DNS servers and DNS based mail.

    The current internal mail server we use was a propriatary system that I can not use for any external use.

    Does the DNS server have to be a seperate physical server than the domain controller and/or mail server of can I place dns, mail, and domain control on one server IF it can handle the load for a test environment?

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