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    Question My RAQ acting as a DNS server


    I have a RAQ3 which has been installed with a RAQ4 OS.

    I have purchased a domain name and it resolves to a holding page at Lycos. I would like to point the Domain to my RAQ, via my own DNS server on the RAQ. I have created the Virtual site on the RAQ and I have created three DNS records for the domain (Two A Records & one MX record).

    I have named my RAQ's host name as 'raq3', however I'm really confused. I can't seem to get my RAQ to resolve to a host name.

    On the Internet my router resolves to:

    <username>.<isp>.com. Can I get my DNS server to resolve to:


    I'm under the impression that I won't be able to point my domain, to the RAQ - if I can't even resolve my own DNS server, host name.

    If anybody could help, I would appreciate it.

    Does this make any sense? I'm confused.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your ISP controls DNS for their TLD, so no you wouldn't be able to do this unless you get them to delegate DNS for your subdomain to your raq.
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