NOCWizard has just released it's latest version, 2.5.0. Below are just a few of the changes added to this version:

+ RTG Bandwith (similar to MRTG) integration. Assign a server to a particular client and switch and then that client can view their bandwidth by logging into the system. On the admin side you get total control.

+ Integrated Billing. NOCWizard now has built in billing. Add packages, credits. This is the first step towards automated bandwidth overage billing and the ability for clients to add additional services and the system automatically billing them, without user intervention. Currently it only works with paypal, but the next version, already being programmed, has 2checkout already integrated and is also expected to be added.

+ Built in customizable forms. Create a welcome letter and then NOCWizard will fill in the variables for you. For instance, you put {clientname} and NOCWizard fills it in with the clients name. Create customized invoices, welcome letters, server down notifications and more.

+ Built in Order Form allows you to integrate NOCWizard into your website to allow people to sign up for new services.

+ LOTS of Helpdesk changes to include notification of new tickets and staff only entries.

LOTS of other changes, click HERE to view them.

We've also changed the original 7 day trial key to a 14 day trial, so we encourage you to give it a test spin.


The next release will have the following options:

+ 2checkout billing method added
+ billing method added
+ Bandwidth overage billing
+ Excessive bandwidth notification - If the total bandwidth exceeds a parameter you set (such as in the case of a DoS) attack, you'll be notified via e-mail (which can go to a cellphone or pager) of the excess.
+ Automatic IP assignment and billing - The client will request XX additional IP's and the system will make sure that their existing IP's are in use, then request justification from the client and bill them accordingly
+ MANY MORE bandwidth options to include listing bandwidth per GB, kbps, mbps, 95th% options and more