there are many webhosting communities out there today, but hey there can also be more as long as the bring something to thr table and are worth it.

I have been working on a site that willhave news related to the industry, tutorials, interviews with webhosting companies and reviews of webhosting companies.

Where should i get the start up traffic?

If anyone is interested in helpingme make this work its not hard but i need your help, if you can write a tutorial, or want to be interviewed, or have had some bad experiences with hosts and want to report it then contact me

or if you just recently killed off a spammer and want to warn others then this is the site (sounding good yet)

with its own built in forums (not menth to keep you away from WHT of coarse)

i don;t want to use WHT for advertising so i will not post the link, but i know this site has potential and needs to grow, so if you can add anything i alread listed (tutorials, warnings, reviews, news evena simple post in the forum) then please contact me on the messengers below and we can get you an account, anyone who is more then interested then most and wants to be an admin can also contact me, i will need reliabe staff.

AIM: Fraclte1
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 86480467