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Thread: Name Server??

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    Name Server??

    I just got a dedicated box from I am a newbee in linux and this is my first dedicated box.

    I have managed to setup apache server etc, but in there setup email just gave me an ip with root password info, nothing about nameserver, I am just wondering how can I move my domain to my new server?

    Please note that I dont have cpanel/WHM installed.

    Do I have to use or is there something else I need to do, to point my domain to the new server, I am clueless so please help me.

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    This post should be in "Dedicated Server Forum".
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    or you can register to the IP they gave you

    then setup bind/named on the server and setup your records right.

    then switch the domain to

    if you have 2 IPs it would be better to use ns1/ns2.yourdomain to host your domain there.
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