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    Question What would be a good price?

    What would be a good price for a unmanaged server good data center with a good host thats willing to work with us on multi systems in the next few weeks after the first system.

    We need one west one midwest and one east.

    500 gigs data transfer in and out (would like more like 700 - 1000)
    8 IP's could work with less but not big deal
    Win2k or 2k3 and or redhat 9 ok (have not worked with it much)
    P4 2.4 or AMD 2400+ would like to move to dual xeons but 3 servers will kill us on start up price
    1 gig RAM
    80 GB Hard Drive should be WAY more than needed
    setup 0$ - 75$

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    i think your going to find it hard getting a dedicated server for those prices only places i can think might come close are

    but if you want better options (its worth the extra money)
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    The only price I was quoting was a setup fee not price for a server

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    Go through a reseller, a good one.

    They have a better quality network *in my opinion* then the other networks mentioned. However, if you're really looking for the cheapest solution, Nocster and are good choices. But be sure to do a search on the past reviews for those companies on this forums first to know what you're getting yourself into.

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    thnaks you for all the info ... I have been doing some looking around servermatrix looks good but what about other areas

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    Well, ServerMatrix is in Texas... is that close enough to the midwest? If it isn't, you might want to try a provider out of Equinix in Chicago or FDCServers (also in Chicago).

    For the East, NAC or Nocster should work OK.

    I honestly don't know any DCs out west that I can recommend that are in your price range. (I know couple DCs out there that are in your price range, but I can't recommend them.)

    Price for "decent/recommendable" dedicated with those requirements should be just over $100/month.

    Price for "good/very good" dedicated would be around $200/month.
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