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    where can i get the cheapest vds

    hi i've been reading wht for a while and i'm looking to get a dedicated server from servermatrix later on. they provide cheap servers (though still expensive for my low budget). i'm probably going to get one in august but since servermatrix is basically unmanaged and i have no money to pay for a managed server or a system admin i have no choice.

    so what i need a very very cheap vds that i can just use to practise on. there will be no sites hosted, just need to practise setting up apache/mysql/php, securing it and all the other good stuff. does anyone know where i can get one at the cheapest? i won't need much bandwidth, ram or harddrive, just need root access so i can practise before getting my own dedicated server.

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    Here are some of the chiepest, because of using UML
    Bytemark Hosting
    TekTonic Network Solutions
    PigsCanFly Computing
    Exodus Internet Services
    Redwood Virtual
    :: :: :: :: :: ::
    :: VDSP.Net :: Directory of virtual and dedi serv providers by location and price

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