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    public whois servers

    I'm trying to tidy up my whois servers.

    for UK domains I obviously use

    .org use
    .info use
    .biz use

    BUT, for .net and .com I've been using which has been giving some strange responses and doesn't show complete records.

    Does anyone have any better offers? We resell OpenSRS domain names if that's any use.


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    Do a whois against as that will automatically refer you to the correct one

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    xperiece: If you are just querying to see if the domain is registered, then you are doing the right thing.

    You might want to look into using The OpenSRS API , that should let you query for availability via their configuration. This would be a better way to do it, because Tucows being a registrar can do more queries you might be hitting a limit with NSI.

    If you are just trying to get whois records I would suggest using jwhois, jwhois does all the work for you gets the registrars whois server and queries that for information.

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    Thanks all.

    The problem I might have is this is for a VB6 app I'm going to distribute to customers.

    I don't think it will be abused but I do need a resiliant server.


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