I'm having problems with my MX entry. I've been trying to change it so that I can use BigMailbox.com.

It should look like:
violettespage.com. IN MX 10 mailrecv.bigmailbox.com.

I used cpanel and tried entering
10 mailrecv.bigmailbox.com.
but then I received this message:
Bind reloading on mecha using rndc zone: [violettespage.com] Error reloading bind on mecha: rndc: 'reload' failed: partial match 10

So then I tried just entering
Which seemed to work on Cpanel, but according to BMB's name server lookup...
violettespage.com mail exchanger = 0 mail.violettespage.com.

It does not appear as though violettespage.com is pointing to us correctly.

It looks to me like I have to change that "0" to a "10" but I don't know how.

I've also tried asking my hosting company to make this change several times but they seem to just ignore my e-mails. (Beware of signing up with Superuser networks, my boyfriendis having problems with them too.)

If anybody knows what I need to do or has any ideas I'd really appreciate it.