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    Hello Folks,

    We have recently re-launched our free web based email service available at and I would really appreciate if you can provide us your feedback and comments on our design and service features.

    Thanks in advance,


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    The site is pretty nice overall, though there are a couple of small things that let it down.

    The bar at the top (Home Signup Features....) just doesn't look very good and detracts from the otherwise professional finish on the interface. The sudden end of the blue gradient on each link, especially with it at an angle, just looks as if something's gone wrong :/

    Perhaps try a small bevel or something on the end so it looks like a separate button.

    Also, the logo is very flat compared to the rest of the site which is all nice gradients and drop-shadowed. Perhaps add a similar effect to the logo as the green sections, or find some other way to make it stand out from the background.

    Last bit: in Mozilla Firefox the right of the site gets a little messed up, with the border pulled to the right leaving a gap of about 20 or so pixels.

    Aside from that, a very nice design and with a little extra work it'll look really good - Web Design & Development

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    Very nice.

    I agree with adamp. You logo needs some umph. I suggest adding a bevel rather than a shadow effect.

    Most of your pages are a little short on content now. If you didn't include the News in the left side section in all your pages, they would have a chance to shrink and lessen the appearance of excess white space. Still, the real solution is to fill up those spaces with verbage.

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