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    Are you a reseller? - The infamous question

    Okay, when someone asks if I am a resller, I answer that I am, and that's why I can offer them good deals. They like that part.

    But some of them ask "Who are you a reseller of ?"

    I hate that question. Why should they know ? So they calc calculate how much profit I make ?

    I'd never go to a store and ask "Hey, who's your supplier for this item ?" ... so why do they ask ???

    And worse: What to answer ?

    Any toughts ?

    Tahnks !

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    Just tell them if you are a reseller. I guess they want to know because they would like to know what company is housing their domain.

    It would be like buying a can of beans without a label on... I am sure you would ask the store which are Heinz and which are cheapo ones.
    -- Matthew

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    yeh, but you also wouldnt expect wal-mart to tell you who makes their own brand beans, even though it might just be heinz

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    I really do not think it's a big deal to be asked what company you use. I guess my analagy of the Beans didnt work. LOL.

    At the end of the day... If you are proud to be hosted by a certain reseller and think they are great then you shouldnt have any concerns about telling your clients who they are. On the other hand... if you are not happy with them then you might want to keep it quiet.
    -- Matthew

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    Sometimes there can be differences between being a farmer, grocer wholesaler, and the actual store.

    If you ask a grocery wholesaler if they are a farmer or actual store, do you think they would outright lie or otherwise be offended? Or do you think they would tell the truth?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    What about if you tell them where the datacentre is?
    Even tell them the datacentre site so they can check it.
    That way they know if your on a good network with a good provider and you dont have to tell them who your reseller is.

    To be honest, I dont think theres anything wrong with a reseller not wanting to tell someone who they are getting from.
    Especially if the company you are getting from also does shared accounts, then that can be a problem and they might go with who you are a reseller for because they have support from the server owners.

    Its still totally your choice though
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    John D, good idea. I had someone ask me these same questions, then decided to get his own reseller account... blah the guy now emails me all of these questions on how to use it and what not. I just tell him that is another reason to get hosting from me, I will support you.
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    Just tell them - "Our reseller servers are based in XX datacenter." You give them enough information to verify the reliability of the datacenter, and explain that to them because just telling them the company that you resell for will not be of much use.

    Unless of course they persist, and then you know they are looking for the upstream host instead of you. You can then decide whether to divulge to them or not

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    I agree with the above. My VPS host also offers $4.95 basic shared hosting so I'm not anxious to tell someone who they are.
    But support is everything in this business. Most of my customers are "hosting illiterate" to the point they couldn’t set up their own Emails or other simple tasks. Probably the majority of my phone calls are “walking” a customer through how to configure their mail client after I have set up the Email account they wanted and they still couldn’t do it from the detailed Email instructions we provide. So they are paying me an extra couple of bucks for that level of support.
    I lost one customer over a year ago because he found a “host” that was $2 a month cheaper. His web site hasn’t been updated since and he’s never even figured out how to delete the testing forum on the forum package they had, much less update his site. I’ve gone so far as to custom “skin” forums for some of my customers for a very reasonable charge.
    I provide anyone who asks with datacenter info and our uptime specs but if they ever wanted to know who my VPS was with I would decline and let them do their own “shopping”.
    We have experienced steady growth (never as fast as anybody would like) because of our reputation for “above & beyond” support.

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    Of course, if your hosting plans are slightly cheaper then the actual company you are reselling space from, then it wouldn't matter so much if you tell - certainly from the perspective of pontential loss of client to the main supplier.

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    Brian, that's a great point, but I believe it's rarely the case though.

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    Always be up front with your clients because once you lie, it goes downhill from there. You have to cover up 1 lie with another and then another and so on.

    If they ask if you're a reseller, answer them. If they ask whom you are reselling from, tell them. Do not get so defensive/inferior about questions like these. There are many places to look for deals on reseller accounts, perhaps the client wants to know more information about everything and wants to see if they should stay with you.

    This is just my $0.02 though and I am sure there are many people on WHT that agree with me and of course there are some that don't.

    Moral: Be wise, don't jeopardize your business because you're inferior towards your provider.

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