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    Could anyone point me to a site that uses mypaysystem. I need to do a test order, so i would like to order something small.


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    Hey there. An ideal site to make a small purchase from is They have a very small transaction fee, and use our payment pages.

    James Acker
    Sales Executive
    PaySystems Inc.

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    By the way, great coffee too!

    James Acker
    Sales Executive
    PaySystems Inc.

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    Hello James

    I see you are from Mypaysystems !

    Can you give me some idea of my account status ?

    I have payd the setup fee (Your confirmation email 05-19-2004 , Order Number: 829593658), but i am still waiting for my account opening.
    I tried to email the support (my English is poor and i prefere write instead call). No reply at all ....

    Can you tell me some thing about ?

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    James Acker
    Sales Executive
    PaySystems Inc.

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    I think ITALY is still in Europe ...or not ?

    I have a basic English, may be i cannot understatd what you wrote in your website,may be i am stupid....
    I Just signed for your credit card processing system as stated in your website. No other.

    Anyway, I will try to send an email at the address you wrote for a refund request.
    I did not find any way for request a refund in your website....
    (this is very strange for a merchant gateway...)

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    THIS IS THE ## Fantastic ## reply of the Paysystem !!

    Dear Merchant,

    In order to receive the refund and to have your account closed, please send a support ticket to merchant security requesting the account closure and that a refund be issued.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


    Merchant Support


    HEY !!!! My account is ** NOT ** yet Open !!!
    What kind of FRAUD is this !

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    It's completely unacceptable. I totally agree. You aren't the first person this happened to. It seems to be a regular occurrence at mypaysystems.

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