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    How much time takes to display premium member logo??

    I have signed up before 2 hours for premium member subscription in WHT and followed all steps but still i am not seeing logo of premium mamber in my status.

    Can anyone guide me, is any step left or how much time it will take to show premium member logo in my status.

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    Have you filled in the form in the inet control panel? Have you put in your user name etc

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    Yes filled, but left ispcheck username, because i don't have that.

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    Have you asked INET ?

    Have you asked INET ? I think that would be the first place to go.
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    Originally posted by r2h
    Yes filled, but left ispcheck username, because i don't have that.
    I did the same thing and mine activated instantly. Definitely email iNet.

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    Mine took maybe 2 minutes and it was showing already. You should contact them and I am sure the will get it up for you.

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    Yeah, contact them

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    I mailed about 4 hours ago but no reply yet

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    I got this reply

    Hi Munesh

    You need to finish entering your username into my.inet so your membership status appears.

    For all your advertising needs, check out our advertising portal You can view all retail rates in there. All pricing assumes a month-to-month commitment; let me know if you would like to discuss a longer term commitment.

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    Toll-Free: (877) INET-DIR (877) 463-8347
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    Toll-Free Fax: (877) 3-NET-FAX (877) 363-8329
    Local/International Fax: (913) 402-6022

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    and i replyed

    I did all and i can access all premium member forums but i can not able to see the premium member image in my status. please help


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    Did you look in the profile options? Maybe they turned it off by defualt now and you can turn it on.
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    What good does Permium Member logo do. Or should I say, whats its purpose ?

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    Thanks Gary Jones .

    It was off from my profile.

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