Hello all,

There is currently advertising space available on www.HostingRefuge.com

Free Advertising:

If you are interested in free advertising, for simply registering and making 10 posts you can have 500 free impressions on the header.
Just register, once you make 10 posts, PM John Diver on the forum.
Do NOT spam to increase your post count This is a rule for all members.

Premium Advertising

HostingRefuge.com has banner advertising available in the header and footer.
Button ads are available on the forum, these are a great way of getting your name known and can help with branding marketing as your name is seen by a lot of people for a period of 30 days for a set price of $35/month (Only $1.17/day!)
Take a look at our statistics to view just how many people will be viewing your button ad monthly.

Banner advertising:

Cost: $10/CPM

Cost: $7.50/CPM

Button ads:
$35/month (Only 4 other buttons maximum will be shown at any one time)

All advertisers have a login to check stats on their advertising campaign.

If you are interested in purchasing advertising you may buy through www.HostingRefuge.com/advertise.php

If you would like stats on the site just send a PM and I can send you the most recent stats.

If you have any questions just ask