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    application resoruce pools


    I work for a company that resells space on Win2k3 servers from a major supplier. Every day sites are down. Whenever I talk to the company I get told that the application resource pool has had to be restarted and that this is an issue with Win2k3 servers and we just have to put up with it. To me this sounds like bulls**t. Anyone else ever experienced a situation where this happens for half an hour or so EVERY day?


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    You will need to go through your clients code to see who is coding bad.

    Or... Create a new app pool and move maybe 10 sites to it and see if that pool stays stable and work through them till you find the site that is causing it.

    If you do not have many people on the box it shouldnt be too dificult to find.

    This may be of help...
    -- Matthew

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    thanks for the solution but we're just a reseller on someone else's box and the hosting company seems to just want to restart the flippin' thing rather than rtying to find the source of the problem. We're going to leave them as soon as we sort of a better alternative

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    Ouch... thats when it hurts most. Might be a good time to start looking. Reliability is a key factor in being succesful. It keeps your clients happy!
    -- Matthew

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    oh yeah, there were other issues that we weren't too happy with before but this is the proverbial straw I'm afraid

    anyway thank you for trying to help, I appreciate it!

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    Ask them to put your webs in their own application pool. If they refuse get a new host.
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    Hello redstar,

    You hosting company is not lying. This is a known issue. They must watch the web sites regularly and recycle the application pool if needed.
    The reason of this problem may vary. Sometimes a bad script code may hang or crash the app. pool or sometimes IIS hangs itself without any reason.
    Windows Server and IIS Monitoring Tools

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