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    Is Createspace down again?

    Createspace seems to be down at the most opportune moments, their website goes down with them as well. I'm amazed at how other customers can stand the unexplained downtimes.

    At the point of writing my site has been down for nearly an hour. I have a good mind of switching web hosts, does any one have any recommendations for a highly reliable one?


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    There needs to be a bbcode replace for these questions/statement

    How much storage?
    How much bandwidth?
    What OS w/ what bundled software?
    What is your budget?

    Try going through the Host Quote -

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    There are quite a few reliable hosts. Maybe telling us more about your budget could help.
    Try posting a Host quote:
    Don't forget to search for each co's reputation:
    Edit: Cope beat me to it

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    Does anyone know what happened to Createspace? My website has been down for 12 hours at

    This is terrible, tried emailing their support but got no replies. Is there a direct contact? Thanks!

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