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    * 2co Vs Paysystems

    Which one better ? (webhosting company)
    Any feedback of them ?
    Is it you need different account for different url even you own all of them (2co) How about paysystems ?
    I heard that paysystems just refund money to buyer without notifying seller is that true ?

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    Do a search on WHT there are many threads already in the forum

    All the Best

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    When i was looking for merchant account i tried paysystems first, but their signup form has few weird items that i didn't understood (english is not my primary language) so i sent email to support asking what it means and never got a reply. So i thought why would i want to use a company that doesn't want to reply to simple question and desided to signup with 2co instead.

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    PaySystems do notify the seller of the refund, but thats after it has already been processed.

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    That the bad thing notify after do.

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    Personally, I would call them both and do a lot of research. When I called 2co, I dealt with a teenager who frankly didn't care about my business whatsoever. When I called mypaysystems, I dealt with a man who was helpful. However, when I did research on mypaysystems, they were definitely not all they were cracked up to be.

    I am still awaiting a refund on the mypaysystems application (since I decided not to use them). They called and said they "wanted to speak with me" before issuing a refund. Since I know that they just want to try to talk me into moving forward with them, I sent them a polite email explaining that I would not be calling them to discuss but would appreciate a refund asap.

    I opted to obtain a merchant account instead.

    Good luck in whatever you decide!

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