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    delete me

    If this is possible to try and sell here...
    If not, just delete...

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    might want to include more information, never heard of pocomail.

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    I use Pocomail, it's the best email client I have used so far, really.

    ( I have no connection to enis)

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    Hi HC-Cam,
    How much do you want?
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    I originally posted all of the details here, but if it was questionable, I didn't want to cause any trouble.

    Unfortunately, I'm no longer going to sell my license of Pocomail
    I was pretty hesistant of posting here, but had just purchased Opera, and really liked the email client that was built into Opera....but not too long before I missed features a stand-alone mail client had to offer.

    If I change my mind, which I'm bound to do, I'll post again.

    Sorry for any trouble.
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