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Thread: Telehouse CAC

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    Telehouse CAC

    Anyone else experience problems with the Telehouse Customer Assistance Center during later hours of the night (EST)? I've sent in an email about an hour ago and received no response. I called and it took about 12 rings for it to be answered. I finally got it under control but i'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same. This has happened on more than one occasion so i'm sure someone else must be noticing this too.

    I've brought it up with my sales rep so lets hope something gets done about it.

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    No, you're not the only person on here with these problems. In addition, we've found their techs are sometimes slow to respond during the daytime, even when informed of the urgency of whatever remote hands request we had. Part of our motivation in implementing remote reboot and serial consoles everywhere.

    lostpacket, perhaps you could shed some light on things, and what's being done to rectify the situation, as a Telehouse rep?

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