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    server is down.... please can someone help :(

    My server has not been down for 12 hours.

    This is the SHORT response I got from burst, which is not helpful to me.


    The /etc/ip's file is blank, so you'll have to re-add your extra IP
    addresses as I cannot access that information at this time.
    I have not touched any type of file, and I cannot even access my log in panel.

    Please can someone help?



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    how are you going to add the ips if u cant login... stupid burst hehe
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    Do you know what your IP numbers were for your server?

    The ips file holds all the IP numbers that are for that machine.



    If you don't know what that is, get a burst tech to help you.

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    you should check your welcome mail for the IPs and have them add it for you.
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    Is your server online? It should have an IP allocated. Check to ping or traceroute that IP. If it is contact me. I can help you. Of course you'll need to know your allocated IP's from your welcome e-mail.

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