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    I'm not the type to publicly bash companies, but I am just completely fed up with iPowerWeb. I'm looking for a new host. I still have a few months with iPowerWeb, but I dont know if I can do it. I need a real!!

    After weeks of searching, I've found a couple of people. I found LunarPages, which looks great...but I'm not too pleased on how strict they are on certain silly things. (Like, if you use any forum besides phpBB...they're gonna watch you closely).

    However, I also found another company that looks to be what I want. It's!!

    Does anyone use RealWebHost?? Have any rants or compliments? I'd love to hear anything before I throw them my plastic.


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    iPowerWeb seems to be racking up the poor reviews lately.

    LunarPages, on the other hand, seems to be getting quite a bit of praise. From what I have read on here lately, they might well be worth a try.

    A quick search here on WHT for RealWebHost returned some fairly good reviews. Give them a read.

    Good luck with what you choose!
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    ya there a good host

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    I need a real!!
    If the only requirement is fast than you're able to fing a lot of hosts using the search.

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    I don't believe you will be disappointed with Real Web Host. They have quality service and a great support staff.
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    You should do more reasearch before choosing a new host.

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    You should do more research before choosing a new host.
    ****** is right. Put the right amount of time into choosing your new host and you might not have to do this another time.

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    Also what are your requirements in terms of space, bandwidth, features, budget etc.. Having those clearly in mind could help you find a better host.
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