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    Angry Rediculous Google Email I got

    Check this out...

    Hello Robert,

    AdSense publishers are responsible for
    implementing the AdSense ad code in ways that are compliant with our
    program policies. Currently, AdSense publishers are not permitted to
    display AdWords ads on non-content pages, such as:

    If you are unable to prevent AdWords ads from displaying on non-content
    pages of your site, please remove the AdSense ad code from your site
    completely. Please note that AdSense publishers are welcome to display ads
    on forum pages that comply with our program policies, but if those pages
    are login protected, the AdWords ads may be displayed on non-content
    pages, which is a violation of our program policies.

    Thank you for your cooperation. Once you've made the appropriate changes,
    please reply to this email so that we can review your site again.


    The Google Team
    Now I found this to be appauling considering I have seen about 200 forums running adsense on those same pages. None of who seem to be getting hounded like I have been the past 2 days.

    My reply:
    Hello Google,

    Your response is leaving me feeling a bit lackluster towards the actual clarity of the issue. I am beeing told to remove the adsense code because MY site is "violating" a policy. A policy that you do not enforce to other forums.

    I have spoken to ****.com and ****.com, both of who did not recieve emails for running adsense code on a forum (both have the same login and registration pages as I do.) My forum is not unlike thiers, and does not require a login to acess anything besides a "post new thread" page. So I would greatly appreciate it if you would either a.) Accept the fact that google adsense code will be on a login page, that is apart of my website that provides content on 99.9% of the site. Or b.) Enforce your rules on *every* vbulletin that is running adsense code.

    You must understand, threatening me and treating me as if I am severly hindering the ads in some criminal demeanor is not reasonable. Because your request, is not at all reasonable. Especially to the fact I and perhaps a few others are the only ones beeing told to remove adsense code on the -entire- forums because of a login and registration page.

    You have to understand how unreasonable that sounds, these are template driven sites. I don't see how it would be possible, unless you would like to elaborate, on how one would add a different header code into 999 other template files.

    I don't want to come off as rude or anything, I like adsense, and I like using adwords as well. I just don't appreciate it when a company tries to enforce something on one single person, as if the thousands of other sites that do the exact same thing are perfectly obeying the adsense rules.

    I hope you don't think I am overreacting, because it is evident that I do care about my adsense account, and the adwords displayed on my site. So please, don't think in any way I am disrespecting you, google, or the adsense program. I am not, but you must understand the reasons of to why I am upset, and I believe I specified those reasons quite clearly

    Best Regards,
    Jacob Rivard
    I was really when I wrote that, especially after coming home from work already in a bad mood. Hopefully I don't cause them to start emailing all the other sites that run vbulletins with adsense. If I do, sorry, but I can't stand for this <removed>.

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    -Robert Rivard

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    Lets see, you're mad because you broke their rules? Which I might add are very clearly stated.

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    No, that is actually not why I am mad at all.
    -Robert Rivard

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    Are you mad that the other sites didn't get the email? Did you think that they didn't get it because Google hadn't seen them yet?

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    That is in fact, usually the case. Maybe Google just hasn't noticed a few of those sites...YET, but most likely they will also be receiving emails about it soon. I think Google tries to make sure the Adsense terms are being followed closely on all the publishers' sites. My own site was initially built with a 'Partner links' section which I inserted the adsense ads into. I got an email from Google couple of days later stating i should change that to 'sponsor links' or remove the ads because otherwise it would be misrepresenting the ads.

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    Yes, I believe that was my main point to them. I don't understand why my forums fall under any special category in comparison to say I don't know DNforum? Or the hundreds of SEO forums, and Art communities that all run the same code on the same forums.

    Wouldn't you agree? I have talked to others, and none of them have gotton this. They were all interested in the fact they could be getting the same email soon. However, they have not.

    I don't like playing the victim here, but I just can't see the logic behind thier statements. You can't have a policy excist, if your not going to enforce that policy on everyone. Or else that one person is misled by thinking it is OK to run adsense on a vbulletin, because this and this site also run it.

    Does this make sense or have I gone completely insane?

    -Robert Rivard

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    Also on a sidenote, does anyone know if removing the code on those 3 pages would be possible? If so could I get a brief tutorial?
    -Robert Rivard

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    Hi Robert,

    I own several forums myself, most of which display adsense creatives - I have yet to receive an e-mail in regard to any of the issues above. So yes, I do in fact find this circumstance quite odd.

    Nonetheless best of luck. Hope all is resolved!

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    They don't have the staff to review every site displaying AdSense code on a regular basis, but when someone sees a violation, they mail the publisher rather than pulling their account. What would you rather have them do? Do nothing when anyone violates the program rules, allowing the program quality to degrade, or mail as many as they can as they review them?
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    Yes that is odd. Well it's good that your account is still enabled. Why would they Email you out of the Blue? Was it out of the blue?

    Google cares . . . and does not. My only guess it they have a reason to belive fraudulent or exessive clicks / high click through rates and they are using their tos policy to decrease your revenue . . . which they have every right to.
    Sid Shroff
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    That is the flaw actually. And your question is like asking if I would rather have my nuts chopped off, or just kicked really hard.

    I suppose if I choose kicked really hard I should somehow feel dignified?

    I don't even know how to go about changing that header code either, so what should I do? Cut my loses? I hardly find that justifiable.

    And Mike, Good lookin out !
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    -Robert Rivard

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    I don't know, I don't run a forum, but if you can use PHP in the header file, look up at or somewhere the global variable that stores the URL of the page the person is currently on, and check with eregi() if login.php is in that URL, and you know they're on the login page and not to show AdSense. Something like this.

    PHP Code:
    if (eregi("login.php",$_GLOBALS['something'])) {
    "Default Banner";
    } else {
    "AdSense Code";

    Expand as necessary for the other pages you shouldn't include AdSense on... something along those lines.
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    Dan, appreciate it. If worste comes to worste I will definatly use that technique, but I really hope google will allow an exeption given the overwhelming evidence that I am not the only vb adsense user.

    And Less, yes it was out of the blue. Also would you please elaborate on the "tos policy." I swear I thought that was an april fools prank, if it is what I think it is.

    -Robert Rivard

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    >> Ads must not be displayed on any domain parking websites, pop-ups, pop-unders, error, registration, or "thank you" pages, or in any email.

    The login/register pages are likely considered registration pages, and none of the URLs they mentioned have content, which means they can't show ads regardless. Plenty of people break those rules, but I know plenty of people that have been mailed about minor violations as well. Ya just fix the page they don't like and move on, making money off the rest
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    I understand the policy, but google didn't even email me about -all- of the pages in vbulletin that fall into that category.

    The post new thread page or "thank you" for posting after a thread has been made all fall into that category.

    How do adwords people feel when they know thier ads are on these pages as well? I mean if the forum is web hosting related, as an advertiser I would still consider it targeted.

    I wonder how long adsense is going to last when advertisers realise google can not enforce thier policy to the fullest extent. If they can't catch all the forums, how many parked domains are they missing? Or untargeted traffic beeing redirected to the site? That is what they should be focusing on. Not login pages, atleast for my sake, lol.

    -Robert Rivard

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    I got that same email from google regarding ads on my forums at and they would not budge one bit on any argument I had.

    I ultimately had to take the php code apart and have the login page sit alone without headers, footers, etc. It aint pretty but it worked.

    After I finally complied with that, they found my forum error pages and made me strip everything off of those too. This emailing went back and forth until every forum page that was login, error, etc was stripped of the headers and footers in which the ads resided.

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    If you're using vBulletin, a conditional has been posted in this thread:

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