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    Say I have a budget of 1000/month on advertising.

    Where can I advertise to get some clients signing up.

    We tried adwords, didn't work..
    tried couple of banner advertising deals (up to 2000/month)
    was mainly for branding purposes..
    that didn't bring in many clients either.

    Any suggestions fellows?

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    Maybe you should try the local sector.

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    no , I mean for online advertising.

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    Advertising here on WHT would probably be a pretty good investment. I have considered doing the same, as it will reach the perfect target audience.

    What better place to advertise web hosting services than on a forum called "WebHostingTalk?"
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    You shouldn't write off Adwords as 'doesn't work' - adwords certainly does do exactly what it is supposed to do. The part that doesn't work is more likely an issue with not being able to convert prospects into sales.
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    so no one else has any tips?

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    A few tips.
    1) Forget branding until you have a bigger budget.
    2) Figure out who wants to buy your services, and why. Then you can find the place to advertise, whether it be PPC engines (they work, but remember with all advertising you're losing money if you aren't converting), or directories.

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    I'd try Adwords again, but shoot for a low pay per clcik ratio, say .10 per click. We received better results when we chose a .10 per click ratio than when we chose a $3 per click ratio.

    Also, local advertising might work as well. We're begining to investigate it ourselves. We'll let you knoiw how it goes
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    I would agree with midPhaze-Zak. What you need to do is first find your marketing niche. Meaning, who is your primary demographic. Usually that demographic is specific unless you have millions of dollars of advertisement to compete for the general individual and business demographics.

    Once you find that specific demographic, figure out information about them such as what sites they go to, what they read, etc. Now that you know that information, then that's when you'll know which sites to put your ads on to more effectively get your name out there to the poeple that are interested in your service.

    i.e. my demographic is online competitive gamers, and in more specific counter-strike teams. we advertise on four different counter-strike realted sites that receive over 200,000 visitors/month each. we are in rotation with about 3-4 other banners, none of which are web hosting companies.
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    Look at advertising in local online directories and as well as look at doing banner ads on a variety of websites. Also you could look at link exchanges as well.

    I would look at all the local possiblities first as that will be where you will have the easiest time getting new clients.
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    I would agree that adwords are good on smaller budgets. Also PPC can be good.
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    If you have a bigger budget i can get you a good deal for advertising fee's at big network sites, such as GameSpy, but you will need budgets of atleast 2,000$, 100$ wont do you much, its not really enough to explore options. But goodluck bud
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    Also what does your website look like ? Maybe the visitors are not drawn into your offers. Might be Pricing or Plans.
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    serverprovider dot com

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    If you are spending that kind of money on advertising, I would shift some of it to jazz up the site. Streamline the ordering process, things like that. Maybe offer something free ?
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    If you have tried advertising in online sectors like AdWords, PPC campaigns, and banners, there could be things that are affecting your lead generation:

    a) you are not targeting the right key words - especially if you are a small or new company trying to compete with the big dogs, narrow down your key phrases to something very targeted for your business - maybe hone in on something that includes your location name (like a Chicago-based design firm might target "chicago web design services").

    b) even though people click on your ad, they aren't enticed by what they find on your web site. This is a problem with the effectiveness of your site. If you provide content and products that encourages people to buy, you will find your ROI is better.
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    You may want to research your local market place.

    Your local chamber of commerce would be a good place to start.

    You should also check with your local (state and county level) politicians as they often have business starter kits; those kits can be helpful even if you are not a start up business.

    Thank you.
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    Originally posted by sami12
    serverprovider dot com

    Please get rid of the music on your website. Not to turn this into a website critique thread, but I closed the page as soon as the music started, and I am sure I'm not the only one with a similar reaction.

    Music does not belong on web hosting company websites, period. Save it for the radio company/radio promotions/band websites.

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    Greetngs Erica:

    Are you serious?

    I was thinking of adding Vegitale tune songs to our Web site.

    Don't you think the kids would just love it?


    Thank you.
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