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    Overloading a form page

    Ok, someone who visits a community site that I have built showed me a little dastardly trick today. It seems that if you tab to a thread submit button, and repeatedly hit enter a few hundred times in a row, that the server will queue up all of those commands and process them all at once.

    He would do this to inflate his thread count, but I have a concern that if someone was being malicious they could really bog down my server by doing this. (kind of a mini mini DOS attack) Anyone know of something I can put on my server that will limit the number of submission requests that it will take?

    Thanks for your help..

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    I use JavaScript to help stop the impatient user from submitting a form twice. Check out and

    Since javascript can be easily disabled by the user, this doesn't prevent a malicious user from submitting a form multiple times, but it often prevents mistakes.

    I highly highly doubt that clicking a submit form multiple times will bog down your server in the slightest, and it certainly won't cause a DOS attack.

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    Thanks for the script Javert, that will be helpful..

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