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    * WANTED - One-word domains. Read here for info.

    I am looking for a good domain or 2 (or three or...) to develop or whatnot. Instead of reading through the dozens of posts in this board, I am making a thread for my endeavor. I should say first and formost that I have no budget. That said, here are my guidelines-PLEASE HEED & UNDERSTAND THEM.


    Your offerings MUST be .coms (absolutely no exception)

    They cannot have ANY hyphens (absolutely no exceptions)

    They cannot have ANY numbers (absolutely no exceptions)

    They MUST be one-word domains. The word MUST be in an English dictionary & cannot be misspelled.

    They can be of any nature (basically, they can be any word, so long as it's a real dictionary word)

    I am open to trades though I only have a few that I'll part with, namely (appraised @ $560. Don't bother telling me you don't like the numbers-in this age, appraisals don't always look pretty {or accurate}),, Numbin*****,, These are simply domains I no longer use which just might benefit somebody else.


    Do NOT post offers in this thread. If you have a domain that fits my requirements, PM me the domain/s you offer plus a price you would sell it for. Because the list of PMs I receive might be large, I'll only reply to your PM if I'm interested. If you are unable to send a PM to me for any reason, you can email me at: randy_pendleton at Any questions you have may be posted in this thread as well as "PM sent." DON'T POST SNIDE REMARKS IN THIS THREAD! They aren't appreciated and they WILL be reported. Let's keep the business atmosphere that exists in WHT. All that said, I look forward to your offers


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    I seem to be looking for exactly the same as Randy. Would anybody who sent him a PM be able to do the same to me?



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