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    Has anyone use host

    If you did, what is your opinion on it?

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    I have been using for about a year now and have had great success with them. I started out with just a small site of my own and now i have a hosting/reseller account with them. I upgraded by finding their ebay ads. they are listed on ebay as webmasters4all.(I would give you the link but i havent posted enough. )

    They are quick with support questions i have had. Plus they have several numbers to reach them if I need something right away.

    If you have anymore questions about them email me and ill fill you in on what i can. good luck!

    Randall Sturdivant

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    Their forums page says they "lost" everything due to "server changes"

    If they can't keep a backup of their own forums, it doesn't say much about their ability to keep customers sites and data backed up and secure.

    But hey, they may have the best service in the world, who knows
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