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    MONSTER Server Suggestions

    Hi, this is my "final" setup.

    This server will be used for a database with a large amount of small entries.

    CPU: 2 x Opteron 244

    Motherboard: Tyan S2882

    Ram: 2 x 2GB Kit Kingston DDR 400Mhz ECC REGISTERED

    Case: Enlight EN-8950 ATX Tower

    PSU: Antec 550W True Power Supply for Dual Xeon Board

    Hard Drives: 36.4GB Fujitsu MAS3367NC, 15K, Ultra 320, 8MB. (OEM)

    Generic Floppy
    Generic CDROm

    I plan to use the onboard Adaptec AIC-7902W Ultra 320 SCSI controller and have OS setup on one hard drive and probably the database on the second with backups made on the third.

    I want to make sure that everything is compatible. The PSU is EPS12V so it should have both the 24pin and 8pin connects for the motherboard.

    If you know of any places with lower prices, please tell me!

    Thanks guys!

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    You could save money by using a smaller harddrive for the OS . Great plan though, I like ho wyou put so much thought into it.

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    my 486 could tool that setup in compile times
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    CPU: 2 x Opteron 244 . Why dont you use 2 x 3.06 Xeon ? I think Xeon is better for mysql .

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    No, 2 x Opteron 240 can out-perform a 2 x Xeon 3.2GHz. Proven fact.

    AMD is the king of the hill, atm.

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    I agree : D

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    Indeed -- SQL is one area that really takes advantage of 64-bit systems.

    I would put the database, if not the whole system, on good RAID1. It would really suck to have something that big drop away from the network. Plus, you should get a decent read improvement.

    Likewise, I might splurge on the PC Power & Cooling power supplies:

    The reviews I've seen of them consistently show them to have the tightest specs in the field. I have one in my home system which has been rock solid for years now.
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    Most of the Opteron boards we have used on servers come with onboard SATA RAID 1/0 Support or JBOD. You can also look at doing a SATA/SCSI mix with the OS running on a RAID1 SATA disk array and then your data being stored on a 6 disk RAID5 Array with 5 of them being in the array and then the 6th as a hotspare. This will give you great performance and stability. Which OS are you planning on running with this?



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    Hardware Raid Setup

    All that is left now is the storage:
    This computer will be only for databasing and will need to store/retrieve data extremely fast. It is also mission critical and can not be shut down to replace a hard drive.

    I am thinking of going all out and getting hardware raid, specifically the Adaptec SCSI Raid 2200S

    I am going to use Raid 5 for the database. Since the OS will really not be in use, I might just put the OS on that as well.

    I hope everything will be hot swappable so that I can remove hard failing hard drives at will and replace them on the fly and have the raid controller rebuild the array automatically with no downtime.

    The system will be running Suse to take advantage of 64bit running on 2x Opteron 244's.
    The database is mysql.


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    You wont be able to find a solution with offers "no downtime" , however dropping the extra cash on a _quality_ RAID card is something I highly recommend. I know RAID 5 is what everyone uses. There are solutions that offer faster restoration of data than that, not cheap at all though.

    Looks like you choose a very nice one. I have worked with quite a few models from Adaptec over the last couple years and never have any major issues with them.

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    You wont be able to find a solution with offers "no downtime"
    How do you figure?

    Raid 1/0 w/ hotspare or Raid-5 w/ hotspare will give you "no downtime" in event of a drive failure.

    Raid 1/0 w/ hotspare would be the faster solution if you can afford to lose a little more space in a tradeoff for speed.

    Do your research on RAID cards before purchase. I am not sure the adaptec cards are the best performers - but there again I am a bit behind the times. Try to find some good benchmarks.

    LTADMIN - Great idea for the OS using RAID1 mirroring on SATA drives. Combine that with some SMART drive monitoring, and you should have a pretty bulletproof system!
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    Hello guys, thanks for all your help so far.
    This is now the final setup for the system unless there are incompatibilities which if there are, PLEASE tell me.

    This server will funtion as a database server will that will store and select many chunks of small data at very high speeds. The hard drives will be in a raid 5 configuration with both the OS and the database being on the array. The OS will not be used too much but it will be on a redundant array along with the database.

    The server needs to have hot swappable drives so I am going to buy the SCSI chasis with SAF-TE
    The Adaptec controller also has support for SAF-TE

    The PSU is a redundant one because shutting down/rebooting this machine will be avoided at all costs. It is a mission critical server.

    The OS will be SUSE 64-bit running mysql 64bit binaries.

    I would be very gratful if you guys please review over the components and give me the OK to buy?
    I will make sure to get good PC 3200 ECC REGISTERED RAM but if you guys have any good links, please link me

    When I assemble this PC I will be sure to post PICS on this forum.
    Thank you!

    Chasis: Enlight EN-8950 ATX Tower

    CPU: 2x AMD Opteron 244 Processor

    Power Supply: Zippy MRW-6400P 400W EPS12V Redundant Power Supply

    Motherboard: TYAN 8131 K8 DP PGA940 MAX-16GB DDR 4PCI-X VGA 2BGE 3LAN SATA-R EATX

    Hard Drive: 4x Fujitsu MAS3367NC Series 36.7 GB

    Hard Drive Chasis
    Supermicro 5 Bay SCSI HDD Enclosure

    Controller: Adaptec SCSI RAID 2120 Kit 64 bit/66MHz Ultra 320 RAID



    RAM: Will find 4GB of ECC REGISTERED

  14. #14 usually has much lower prices than pricegrabber.

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    Definately go with the RAID setup. HDD's are the bottlenecks in many computer systems. The CPU can only process what its being fed. If it has to wait for the data coming out from the hdd, than you're just wasting CPU cycles.So dont go cheap on the HDD.
    I'ld even go as far as suggesting that you spend the extra cash on the HDD rather than the 4GB of RAM.
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    Although RAID5 is a good safety/efficiency tradeoff, I would still recommend a RAID1/0 setup (plus spare = 5). Many small writes (like table updates) is pretty much a worst-case scenario for RAID5.
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    So how is it going with that setup thus far?

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    Originally posted by Fahd usually has much lower prices than pricegrabber.
    True but how many websites on can you trust. Too bad has limits on the amount items you can buy

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