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    Dedicated MySQL Server Performance

    Which of these two setups would you advise for a dedicated mysql server? The mysql server would have lots of reads and writes. More reads than writes.

    Single 10K RPM SCSI


    Dual 7200 RPM IDE in RAID - 1
    - RAID - 1 being able to double the read transaction rate.

    Thoughts, comments, advise, suggestions?

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    I say the scsi
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    SCSI hands down. And I would recommend at least RAID on the SCSI with a hardware RAID controller as well.

    Thank you.
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    raid 1 is horrible for mysql

    trust me

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    What you want is probably something like 5 x 18GB 10K RPM drive. We have one of these running RTG and it's much much much faster than a pair of IDE drive.

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    SATA Raptors might also work nicely for you (if SATA is an option)... they rival SCSI speeds at a lower price.

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    SCSI is still the performance leader, however the raid 1 option with a pair of IDE drives (on seperate controllers channels!) is always going to the second best option at a fraction of the cost.

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