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    PayPal Settles N.Y. Probe for $150,000 and Faces Other charges

    For those of you who still believe strongly in paypal read this: Paypal is facing numerous charges from several states in the USA and is also under investigation from several other states. It has currently settled with the state of NEW YORK for $150,000 US and other settlements with other ststes are pending. So honestly tell me why if they are this completely legit company why are they being charged by authorities. Worse yet some states like virginia have banned paypal from operating there. Read the paypal horror stories and be the judge for your self at www-paypalsucks-com also search on a search engine with terms like "paypal law suit" then you will know what i am taliking about
    Good luck!

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    Will the original owner of this thread visit again or dissapear once it starts moving ?

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    Agreed, are you just here to slam paypal or are you prepared to backup the flame.

    If you're up to conversation, reply to the thread and maybe people will pay more attention to what you have to say.
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    Regarding this thread here... it is quite possible that PayPal is in violation of certain rules & regs, or somewhere situationed in a "grey area" with respect to such rules. So I'm not suprised that legal action has been taken.

    But... again - let's be real. PayPal is not a scam. Not all of us may like it, and there are certainly some drawbacks and some disgruntled merchants out there but all in all, I don't think PayPal's -intent- is anything illicit or illegal. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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