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    2 Domains for Sale (You pick the name!)

    I have two free registrations available at a domain registrar. I'm willing to sell two domains of your choosing for $6 a piece (obviously, $12 for both). This includes a free push from the registrar to your account.

    This includes a choice of available .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, and .info. Please send me a PM if interested.

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    Which registrar?
    Jim Reardon - jim/

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    I may be interested, depending on the registrar involved. Thanks.

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    I'm interested.

    How do I know you won't take the domain from me, cause I have a pretty good one!

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    I guess I really have no solid way to insure that I won't, other than the fact that you could post here if I DID do something like that. However, I'm not in the business anymore and have no means/reason to even want your domain names, hence why I'm offering this offer in the first place.

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    Still available.

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