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    Hurricane Electric as a colo

    I'm wondering if anyone has had experience colocating directly with HE. I've talked to a couple of their resellers, but am also curious about striking an agreement directly with HE. Will that have any benefit regarding getting an SLA or better support?
    I'm also curious why they don't have any pictures or more information about the DC on their website. The seem like a pretty large operation.


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    Not sure what space/bw your looking for, but they have their specials running again.
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    Thanks, I must have missed that thread, but I did receive a mailing from them.

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    I contacted HE direct and had quotes of $200/Mbit, so $2,000 for 10Mbit.. seemed a bit excessive..

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    Yeah, I contacted them directly also, and was quoted something like 150 per Mb. What the hell, is this equinix or something? And the email reply i got back from sales person was super long and garbled full of redundant information. Not quite what I was expecting.

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    It is a screwy business.

    I was 18 months with directly and finally got sick of their exessive prices on the low end (only needed 512K or 1Mbps top).

    I moved to a reseller and got 2Mbps for what I was paying for 384K direct.

    One more switch (resller) to go through introduces own problems... but we have redundant facilities in other cities, so I a couple extra problems a year is worth the savings to me. I don't expect perfection... no in the virus and DDoS world of today I just want them to be on the ball, and is.

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    Thats good that they are stable without DOS or virus problems. We'll be hosting important biz on it, so that makes me feel good to know they are active. (relief)
    I've spoke with two resellers and their bw prices are worlds better considering i need to start at 10 and work up. ANd i'm sure as wel scale up we can talk to reseller into optimizing our config to give us true 100 Mbps out.

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    HE prices directly can be pretty high.  It usually makes sense to go through a reseller.  Anyone buying in bulk from HE can get some *major* discounts, so resellers can usually offer much better deals :-).

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    Originally posted by Mcleod
    I contacted HE direct and had quotes of $200/Mbit, so $2,000 for 10Mbit.. seemed a bit excessive..

    if you pay extra $500, then you can get a great deal $2500 for 100mbs, 42 U cabinet.

    That's $25/1 mbit

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    Originally posted by amzhost
    if you pay extra $500, then you can get a great deal $2500 for 100mbs, 42 U cabinet.

    That's $25/1 mbit
    Yes, but you only get 15 Amps and you can't buy more power. I believe that this offer is also only good at the Fremont facility. There's always a catch.

    HE has always been ridiculously expensive on small commits.

    Does anyone know if they are still billing 97/3 instead of 95/5?

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    As far as I know, we have never billed 97/3. We bill on the 95th.


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