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    webhostingtalk "news"

    no, it's not another thread about the newsletter, but the newsfeed on the side of the main page, looking at it right now, there's 13 headlines and 10 of them are basically adverts for hosting companies.

    The most pathetic one, the massively important "news" that one hosting company has removed the $2 it charges to move an account from an old host ( quick, somebody call CNN this is groundbreaking ) is even there twice incase we didn't see it the first time round.

    I know WHT doesn't have any control over the content in that feed, but the sites that get their articles linked to there, hardly ever post any general news, they just sell out their spots to the highest bidder, infact aproaching those sites, paying for an article and getting it fed to WHT i'm sure is alot cheaper than buying ads on WHT directly, these guys must be loving it.

    Can we find a newsfeed that's not just run just for profit? (if that even exists anymore) mabye last i remember most of their articles were real news rather than ads, even a feed from slashdot would be better.

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    Or maybe they should create their own non profit news feed and have news about forum changes, updates and other iNET related things, for example "iNET bought yet another forum to cover in ads and sell premium member ranks to members".

    Just a thought
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