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    * No way, Check these out!

    I have acquired some more premium domain names. Here are few of them. - Appraised at $500.00 - Appraised at $1275.00 - Appraised at $1,000 - Appraised at $300.00 - Appraised at 175.00 - Appraised at $450.00 - Appraised at $550.00

    I would like to gather some opinions on these names. If these domain names seems of interest then make an offer. I'll consider letting it go if offers matches within appraised value.

    I'll have some more premium domain names, which includes 2 letter and 3 letter acronyms, dictionary word, search popularity, and type-ins coming in within 2 weeks. Approximately 20 or so, all which are appraised over a $1000.00. If anyone have interest in these names, drop me a pm or an email. I can send over a private list or give access to a private database of the names.

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    thats the bad side of "Domain Name Appraisers" there is no real value to a name, unless the name is branded and built. Obviously some names, IE. one Word Domains, etc but I wouldnt put alot into a domain appraisal in todays market

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    Where are the appraisal reports?

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    Quite frankly, I wouldn't pay over 15k for But there are thousands of people out there that would... That's just my point. An appraisal is only worth as much as the person that appraises it. I have people appraised some of my domain names to be worth nothing. Well, I sold them for more than what most people would sell theres for...

    NightProwler, are you planning to buy them when you see the reports?
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