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    IDCSoft and Burton Hosting - Help Please

    This is a great forum! I spent hours searching and parsing information from the forum trying to decide which shared host I wanted to add to my list of hosting companies.

    There is so much information here, it's almost impossible to sift through. WELL, I came up with two possibles and would like some feedback...

    - Both IDCSoft and Burton hosting seem to be fairly well respected on this forum (if I read all the info properly).

    - They may have an issue with log files. I want cummulative log files that I can download using standard old FTP. Burton said
    "You can have cumulative if this is what you select AFAIK. This was a new feature introduced not too long ago..." I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO USE CPANEL TO ARCHIVE LOGS MANUAL JUST TO BUILD A CUMMULATIVE LOG FILE.

    I still have to believe they have not given me the right answer. Surely I can use plain old FTP to download the same log files that the cPanel delivers???

    ANY COMMENTS ON THIS or other Burton issues?

    - I like cPanel, but they claim to have their own custom control panel.

    ANY COMMENTS ON THIS or other IDCSoft issues?


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    They are based in Bulgaria but their servers are in Hong Kong and USA. That'swhy they don't have phone support. If you have Urchin you don't need to worry about logs

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    don't mean to sound stupid, but what's Urchin? and

    do you concur that these two hosts are good?

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    Urchin is a very powerfull tool to analizy site traffic and give you all kinds of diffrent reports. It can export them to excel, word, pdf. Well deppends what you want to do. If it's just a personal site they are fine. If you want to do e-commerce that's diffrent story.

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    i never had a problem with IDCsoft support, it's email based but replies are always very prompt. but to be honest i've only had to use support a couple of times because i've never really had any problems with the service.

    the control panel is nice IMO
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    IDCsoft's reputation is great...

    I would go with them...
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    I thought I add my 2cents,

    For me that is almost no question you are posting ;-). With the support and uptime I have had with Icdsoft for now almost 3 years I have a hard time imagine another hosting company with similar qualities.

    Their support desk has answered almost 60% of all tickets within 10-15 Minutes !!

    They answered another 35% during 60-90 minutes.

    I had 1 case (worst case) where it took them as long as 7 hours - dare you ;-). That was a billing issue which they had to look into.

    They actually didnt even send me a note that the account is due, until I realized that it is already 6 months over and I contacted them.

    The account and everything was fine of course and untouched.
    After they investigated the issue they explained me that they had an issue with the due date of the account. They didnt want to bother me regarding the issue and just waited until I would realize that. perhaps if I wouldnt have contacted them I would still be hosting for free ;-).

    Anyway to come to the point. The service ICDsoft is offering is really second to none and I understand that they have their reasons to offer one hosting package. Think about how much easier it is to manage the accounts ;-).

    The only point I would like to make is that I would like to see them offering collocation or dedicated hosting ;-). I have seen others posting this issue too, so I hope that Dimitar is perhaps watching and creating a new account type ;-)
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