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    Server Management

    Hello Guys,

    I have two dual xeons with ev1servers hosting my customers and I am going to the third.

    The problem is that I have these two servers with CheetaWeb Management, but I am not feeling good there. I talk to Geoff and sometimes I dont get answered when I get urgently issues, also I open tickets and I dont get answers, when I get, I get from him via ICQ that it will be fixed but never is.

    I dont know what happened to Geoff, maybe he got lots of works to be done. I had very good experiences with him, he fixed me lots of things in the past with the hourly rate, fixed lots of servers and restored many. He is a very skilled person, one of the most I ever seen at management, but maybe he is the only one that can do most of the things at CheetaWeb.

    I am very tended to move these 3 servers to another company that can support me better than I am being supported.

    I would like recommendations from people.

    Do not adversite your Management Company, I wont read it.

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    Check out the following:

    Steve from

    Mouse and his team from

    Huck and his team from

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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