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    Right to be upset?

    I was recently with an unnamed large and respected hosting company. Service, uptime, support were great. But I couldn't afford to upgrade my account anymore and pay the $$$ for that great support.

    I was billed March 26th for April and sent an e-mail on the 30th cancelling as I did not require their services for April.

    I asked for a refund once I saw my CC bill and they refused. Damn, okay. So I asked for them to reactivate my account for the month so I can at least use what I paid for. No response.

    This $50 USD I'm out is a lot of money to a poor college student such as myself.

    They say billing dates and Cpanel are run differently. I don't know what to think.

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    Whether you have the right to be upset or not depends on a few things.

    What is the host in question's refund policy?

    Do they require 30 days notice to avoid a charge or anything similar you might have agreed to ? Did you follow the Exact official cancelation policy/procedure they use ?

    I think in all fairness you should get back at the very least a pro-rated amount for the time you gave not used....but thats just my opinion, and I dont know how your host operates.

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    Time to read and re-read their TOS/AUP before you complain.
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    They responded with: "We only have a 30 day money back so you aren't elligible for any refunds."

    But I still think I should have my account reinstated.

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    And what did they say in repsonse to you wanting your account reactivated?
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    Well I might be getting ahead of myself but no response in 6 hours. But they always respond within 30 minutes.

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    Well I'd think if you paid for April then you should be able to use April. If you can't use April you shouldn't be charged for it.

    HOWEVER their AUP/TOS may state that if you terminate early there are penalties levied, did you sign a contract? If not then you can probably force the issue.
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    If you paid for the month you should be able to use the services.

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    Did the TOS requested for prior notification upon account cancellation?

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