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    One Plan Fits All

    Hello everyone,

    I am curious what the consensus is on the "one plan fits all" concept (i.e., and

    It would appear on the surface that this strategy seems to work and makes running your business less complicated.

    How do you veterans feel about it?

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    One plan doesn't fit all. I offer custom plans, my customers seem to like picking what they want and not paying for things they don't...

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    The logic, I believe, is by not offering more plans, you don't offer cheaper plans. People see this one plan, they know its what they need, they order it.
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    I think that there is one big advantage from the customer point of view when they see this "one plan". They feel that they are getting all the features for their monthly fee.

    Some hosts have a fee on every little single thing... which makes them look like they are just trying to grab as much of the customer's money as possible. Examples are fees for setting up a database, or a subdomain, or to "enable" Perl or PHP!

    When the customer sees all the features available at one price.... I think it gives a good feeling that they are getting a good deal.

    From the web host point of view... it does make life simpler... and the vast majority of users don't even get close to their quotas, especially disk space and bandwidth.

    Just my opinion!

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