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    is anybody having problems with 123reg's website as well as the pop mailboxes they provide?

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    No problem accessing their website.
    However, from their "Status" pages:

    123-reg Services - Thu Apr 1 11:47:22 2004

    123-reg customers may see some intermittent problems with some of 123-reg's services due to a recent DNS error. 123-reg has rectified the problems with the DNS however some customers who's ISPs use DNS caching may experience continuing problems until their ISP refreshes the cache.
    Services effected include:

    Mail forwarding
    Web Forwarding
    Site Builder
    FTP to hosting

    I do also remember seeing an issue posted on "POP boxes" a week or so ago but nothing recently.

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    maybe its connection problem from your side?
    check with your ISP
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    it all seems to be working again, i guess my isps dns was a bit knackered

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