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  1. #1 - Hot or not ?

    Hi guys ,

    I just launched , so it`s still "hot"

    Let`s see how hot or not you think it is now .

    Ladies and Gents i present :

    Thanks in advance for your reviews .

    I`m looking forward into reading them !

    --- - free , fast & simple image hosting

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    There's nothing to look at except that upload page. What's the appeal to a visitor? Upload a personal picture and give you all rights to it? What does one get in return? Why would one want to use you? Where are the pictures viewed? What else is there? You may as well as for credit card numbers and pins.
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    You got the point of the site totally wrong .

    This is a free site and no one is taking any rights for anything .

    This was made to help newbies that don`t have a ftp or don`t even know what`s a ftp.

    It`s for images only because a lot of people want to post images to a forum and then can`t do it unless their images are hosted on a remote machine .

    After you upload the image a link will be given to you so that is how you view the image.

    I hope you see things differently now regarding the purpose of

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    I really like the idea, and the simplicity.

    The website looks nice as well, good job.

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    Thanks Pat !

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    Good idea ! Nice site.
    I'll use it in my next ebay auction.

    Just wondering how are you planning to get money for your bandwith expenses ...

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    Thanks ;)

    Thanks for the nice words guys .

    fischermx , i`ve got plenty of bandwidth and that is why the site free

    If you enjoy the site please pass the url to your friends .

    Best Regards,

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    Great: and very easy to use ! <-- My cat

    Thank you,

    p.s. I'll recommend your site to all my friends

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    I have reviewed your site. The idea is amazing and cool. I would really think newbies have no problem uploading their pictures.

    However, i have the following questions:
    1) How do I delete the picture when I am not in use?
    2) How can I know about the source code after i close my windows? and want to get the picture again?
    3) A user folder will be cool (i think) for better organization.

    Just my little opinion. Hope this might help

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    I like your suggestions acidbase . I can do this with cookies or with a membership system in case someone wants to keep separate folders and also keep track of their links .

    What do you think it will work best ?

    Any other ideeas would also be appreciated.

    Thanks !

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    I would think a membership system is definitely better than using just cookies. Firstly, many of the internet users will clear their cookies once in a while and lose all the data just like that.

    A membership system will allow easier log-in and also better control of their own territories.

    I would think you can find out more information on "image hosting" since i believe you are going towards this line.

    I really like your service though to provide free image.. Will be a good hit for ebayers and other purposes.

    PM me if you would like more brain work for marketing your service.

    Hope it will help once again.

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    A membership system sounds cool . I will create that but i would really need some suggestions on where to make this kind of site known .

    I know that there are a lot of users out there that don`t have a ftp and this service could really help them,but how to reach that target ? Paid advertisments could be a solution but since i`m not making any profit i can`t afford to just burn money on adverts .

    I don`t really agree with the idea of filling in all the forums with this site.

    Any ideas on this ?


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    Marketing is about making known to your targetted audience. So before anything can be done, you must have a very clear idea about whom you are looking for.

    After which, you will have to think about where will these people look for their resources. For ebayers, will they look for such service in their forum? If so, posting in forum need not be a bad choice.

    You might also have a thought about what other related service this can bundle with? Photo Printing? postcard? etc. Source for such companies (for partnership or sponsorship). I believe you do need some financial support to maintain this free service. So this can be a good form of income and also a good way whereby they might assist in advertising your service.

    A good signature about your service in forum like WHT is not a bad idea since i believe many people out there will click on your link when they see the word "FREE".

    I might be wrong but just a suggestion for discussion.

    Hope it works wonders.

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