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    Web hosting help

    Hello, I'm a student from Vancouver bc. I'm going to be graduating from CDIS (visual effects school) in about 6 months and I need to find a good reliable web host for my website.

    My website will basically contain bio, info, contact and most importantly a demo reel, which would be high quality about 40mbs big.

    It is important that my demo reel be able to download as fast as possible, so that inquiring employer's aren't waiting to view my demo reel for too long. So my main concern is speed. It's a very simple html site so all those little gadgets and hoodads are not needed. Just fast reliable and modest cost.

    Any suggestions and/or tips for me?

    thanks in advance


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    Hi newcomer

    If you post your budget we may be able to help you further.

    One place you could try is WHT's Host Quote Feature >

    Hope that helps

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    Go for hostquote or just browse around and see what people think.
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    With a 40 MB download you must also consider the bandwidth you buy as even few downloads every month should need some good bandwidth.
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