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    Php Question Re: Auto Email When Addition to DB


    I'm writing a small mailing list script for my friend that basically takes a few fields, stores them in a database and allows him to go into phpmyadmin and export the database in CVS (later down the road I'll write a script that will simplify this - if anyone knows how, please post it. thanks).

    He wants the script to email him everytime someone adds their information to the database.

    So I'm looking for a piece of code that would send him an email with what was added.

    I've looked around and not sure where to start on this part (kinda trickey).

    I'm assuming I'd add another query to email the same information.. not sure how I'd go about that (Still a beginner).

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Can't you make the script send you an email when someone add some data?The data is added using an online form , no? Than you can modify a little the script to do that.
    If it's PHP that you should add a mail() somwhere.
    More details please

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    i would do the following

    //instruction to connect to DB

    //instrction to add to DB

    //if succesful-> instruction to email person

    //close connection

    seems easy enough?
    jubba joo!

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    I wasn't thiniking straight and just used mail() and it worked. hehe thanks

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