I work in a supermarket and yesterday a reporter and a photographer came along to do a piece on us for a bit of publicity you know the usual about the great offers all the people employed and stuff, anyway at the end they wanted a picture of the big store sign on the front but the car park was a bit full so they asked the store manager if they could get one from the back delivery yard and he said yes....

now no one who doesnt work for the store is supposed to be in the backyard unescorted but he let these 2 mooch down themselves, so out they pop into the back yard and stand next to the tail lift on a massive store wagon, said store wagon was having a load of dollys put on for return to the depot, they are stacked 9 high and weigh a heck of a lot.

Well when using the tail lift in the yard there is supposed to be 2 people there not including the driver but our store is a bit lax and the management make you do it on your own, your also supposed to have side bars for the tail lift but ours got chucked in a skip 2 years ago which got reported to the managers and detailed in the log book, however because they cost a bit they would not buy any more.

so we have 1 reporter 1 photogropher 1 shop worker and 1 driver all next to or in the lorry, then a big stack of dollys rolls of the side of the tail lift due to not having side bars and falls on the reporter nearly taking her head off and just about ripping her leg to the bone, well when the photographer saw this he started taking photo's of it like his life depended on it then he wrote what happened and got the 2 doods (driver and our bloke) to sign it .

so what started as a bit of nice publicity turned into the day from hell for our store manager and now we are waiting for health and saftey to come and crawl all over the place and the chick reporter to get a big wedge of cash for compo