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    Hosting Templates

    Are there certain web hosting templates available that work very well for the web hosting business? Is there certain content on the main page that users would be interested in seeing other than listing pricing, disk space and bandwidth?

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    I would check out

    You will get a good feel for the ones there. Also check out other sites of the larger companies around WHT. Some of it is preference and also what group you are targetting. Local customers with little website knowldge will likely want something clean and easy to understand. A company more for webmasters will likely be packed full of information that they understand.


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    boxed art

    Boxed art ( has some very nice hosting and design company templates.
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    They all start to look the same after awhile. Good reasons though as the layout needs to be structured in such and such a way.
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    templatemonster also sells good quality ones - but my personal recommendation would be to customise any templates you buy to help give more of a personalised feel. It can help you to stand out from the crowd with a positive image.

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    Those are the two I can think of off the top of my head.
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    I used a pre-made template for awhile, but while looking professional, it was too common with what's out there. I decided to take a couple weeks and develope a complete custom design of my own, from the ground up.

    Pre-made templates are great if you're just getting started, but when you get a client base and have some more cash on your hands, if you aren't good with web design, go out and hire a custom designer.
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    I use a template on a couple of my sites I have. What I did though was take the basic template then modify it to what I was wanting.

    Templates are often put down but many of the members here are great hosts and poor webdesigners and admit that fact.

    I have used templates from, phpwebsite, webumake and others.
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