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    Question Text-based games and/vs web-hosting

    What do you guys think about comercial text-based games? (played in a web-browser with some kind of subscription)

    Can it be more profitable than a web hosting company?

    If you had been given the choice between running a game like this or a web hosting company what would you choose?

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    I run a text based game server (MajorMUD) and profits are very slim, what kind of game are we talking here? Kids these days want pretty games, not text ones :p

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    any kind of play-on-your-browse online game! With some kind of subscription fee.

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    Probably wouldn't amount to much. I'm old enough to remember text based RPG's and enjoy them, however you'll be up against things like Priston Tale (open beta RPG with pretty amazing graphics). Hmm, there's also Fairy Tale and MU, all currently free to play while they beta.
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    MUDS and chat rooms where good in their day but sadly graphics and action have over shadowed them. you would definatly need to focus on a certain type of customer and that would be pretty hard to do in todays society.
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