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    * Need A Professional Gaming VBulletin Skin

    I am currently looking for a designer/design team that can design and code a Battlefield: Vietnam themed VBulletin 3.x skin for me. I would also want a Battlefield: Vietnam themed opening page and header for the forums (something like I will give more details if you are intrested. I am open to almost any price, but I will be picking mainly based on past experiences and quality of the product. Feel free to contact me via the ways listed below, or drop me a PM/post your contact information here.

    EMail: STB_Tango[at]
    PM: PhateX1337
    AIM: PhateX1337
    MSN: STB_Tango[at]

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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    well you dont seem online, I added you to my AIM.
    I cant use emails right now because I am moving hosts.

    so AIM is the only way of contact for the next 24hours, sorry about that. I'll try to catch you there, if not, I'll just email you when the DNS works itself out. hope thats ok?

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    Thats fine, I will be on AIM a bit later.

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    i need one as well

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