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    Question is it ok to have .us as nameserver ? Would it work internationally?


    We are using anonymous nameservers for our resellers who wish to remain anonymous when they sell hosting to their clients.
    Our anonymous nameservers are:

    Does it make a difference if we have .com nameservers ?

    It seems that our reseller (from Norway) is having some downtime with his websites, althought our server have been up 100%. He says that there are frequent downtime when he tries to access his website http://www."hisdomain".com but that there are no problems when he access his website when typing http://123.345.567/~username (using our ip address).

    This problem seems to be happening only with this reseller and I was wondering if having a .us nameserver had anything to do with it?!

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    unless you're having issues with your nameservers ( software config, etc ) having a .us nameserver won't screw anything up.

    if his registrar lets him drop it in as an ns, it'll work.

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