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    is that normail ?

    hello every body is that Normail that registerfly modify a name server in 7-10 days

    i get an imegency stat and want to change the ip of my name server to go to registerfly where my name server loacted
    they told me that the changes will take from 7 - 10 days

    is that normail
    what is the best registar that i can treat him inclidung fast ip upadat

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    Didn't quite understand your post, but if you mean you just want to change the IP's on your nameservers from the registrar level, no it shouldn't take 7-10 days.

    Can you not just login and make the change?

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    i had change the ip yesterday and till now it did not point to the new ip what cna i do
    also i want solution to detect the ip ?

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    If you updated the IP's yourself yesterday, normally it'll be around 12-36 hours before you see the change, sometimes a little longer for some people.

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    Yes it takes 12-48 hours. 72 hours is maximum. It never takes that long.

    I am not sure exactly what you mean. Either you change your host;s nameservers or changing your own nameserver's IPs

    If you changed the IP yesterdayfor your host's nameservers, it should be up today. I think your registrar messed you up with changing the nameservers or creating nameservers.

    If you are changing your own nameservers such as and, it may take a bit longer depending on which registrar it is. However it shouldnt take over 7 days. It may take an extra 36-48 hours for the nameservers to glue

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    no i modify the ip of the same name server

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    It takes 12 to 48 hours on average. I think they say 7-10 days to set expectations for propagation. I have registered multiple nameservers through registerfly and most of them are available in 18 to 24 hours.
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