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    Trying to move a client to a new server...

    I am trying to move a new client over to our servers from IEXPRESSHOST.COM. At IEXPRESSHOST.COM they keep suspeneding and unsuspending his account because the server almost dies when it tries to move it. We havent been able to get any data. His account is about 2gb in size. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do.

    And now the server is down right now. We had to reboot the server
    immediately. We are also receiving some complaints about this outage right

    I am sorry that you are not allowed to backup your data in cPanel anymore
    because it's only going to crash our server and causing the downtime and

    However, we can help you to move your account to your new server for $US50
    one time fee. Please contact me again for more information about this offer
    if you are interested.

    That is what we have gotten from them. Any bright Ideas?
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    Immediately move the site to new host when their server online or take a new account from a good company and upload the site if you have backup of site.

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    Well trying to backup a 2gb site from cPanels end user backup script probally would kill the server.

    There's no reason though why they shouldn't make a backup of the account for you, and just put it up as a .tar ball for you to download.

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    Ill ask but I doubt they will do it, all they are after is the money
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    Another option is to use the Backup feature in Cpanel, for a Home backup. The backup can then be moved from the Home dir. to public_html and you can do a wget. Current Hoster cannot balk about that as it's all part of the service with the account. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Ill ask but I doubt they will do it, all they are after is the money
    You just gotta love such an attitude.

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    Unfortunately true with this con artist though. Just do a search on his company and read the horror stories. I've said it before, but I can't believe how many people still get suckered in by him, even to this day.

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    What does it say in the companies tos about backups?

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    It says they are aloud, I got the client moved long ago, HE himself had to upload an old backup to the new server....
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