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    Control Panel/Management Software Solutions..


    I work for a web hosting firm which offers clients virtual w2k and linux hosting. We are interested in purchasing Control panel and management software for our system. We were thinking of PEM but it seems has become rather expensive lately ? I would be really interested in hear some options on which is the best software and why ? I understand this is an age old question but all options would be helpfull. Some options I am checking are :


    All input welcome.

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    Check out H-Sphere from

    1. H-Sphere is very economical in the long run.

    Each H-Sphere license allows customers to host multiple domain names, subdomain names, and multiple hosting accounts all under the same license.

    H-Sphere licenses are re-usable; so if a customer leaves another cusotmer can re-use the license.

    H-Sphere allows you to manage multiple servers of various operating systems across multiple data centers from a central management control panel.

    H-Sphere is very stable.

    2. H-Sphere is extremely well documented. Positive Software has easy to read and follow documentation for the system administrator, for the hosting administrator, for your resellers, and for your customers along with FAQ pages and trouble shooting guides.

    3. H-Sphere is extremely well supported from the Positive Software support team as well as the community forum at

    4. The Positive Software team seriously takes input from their customers (they have a voting area for customers only) for improving their system.

    5. Most of H-Sphere's competition just offers you a control panel.

    H-Sphere is a complete system that offers as close to 100% shared hosting automation as you can get for the low price.

    You get a support ticketing system, billing system with support for over dozen payment systems including the majors like, fraud protection, and so much more.

    You can have resellers who benefit from private label hosting (their own brand) as well as the automation.

    This is our 9th year in business (8th in hosting), and over the years I have to state H-Sphere is the best automation and control panel system on the market for the price.

    Thank you.

    P.S. No we don't work for Postive Software, own stock, etc. We've been using H-Sphere for approximately 18 months, and while each system has their ups and downs, H-Sphere has provided a general overall positive experience.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    How does H-Sphere's billing work per license?

    I read it on their site and it just got me confuse with what you are saying and their website.

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    1. You can get H-Sphere licenses from a H-Sphere reseller for less than the retail price of licenses.

    2. Each customer you sign up uses one license.

    The customer can have as many domains as they want per your plan definition on that license.

    The customer can have as many hosting plans as they want under that account (one license).

    3. Licenses can be recylcled so that if a customer leaves, you can re-use the license.

    The entire process is complete automated for license utilization and re-use.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Wouldn't it cost more from a reseller since you have to pay monthly per license?
    Since you can get it for 4.50 wich is a One Time Fee

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    There are only two companies that I know about that charge a monthly fee per license --- HSphereSupport (a company that is not directly related to Positive Software, the authors of H-Sphere) and

    I believe is not making any new sales.

    All other resellers should be selling their licenses like Positive Software which is once and done.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Got a list of h-sphere resellers?

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